JPBS is a Bangkok-based instrumental/experimental rock band. They have a keen interest in the post-rock genre. The band released their first song in 2012, titled "Rainy Day", followed by singles "Moondog" and "4388". These songs embodied the personal experiences of the band members. In 2017, five years later, they released more tracks. In 2023, they launched their debut full-length studio album "Waiting Room". They are currently collaborating with Duckunit, a scenograph company based in Bangkok, on a project named "Waiting Room Live". This collaboration delves into the boundaries between music and media, exploring various manifestations of shared musical experiences. Their work is supported by Bangkok City City Gallery.

JPBS是一支源於曼谷的器樂/實驗搖滾樂隊他們對後搖風格非常感興趣該樂隊於2012年發布了他們的第一首單曲,名為Rainy Day,隨後是單曲Moondog和4388這些歌曲體現了樂隊成員的個人經歷五年後的2017年,他們又發布了更多曲目到了2023年,他們推出了他們的首張完整錄音室專輯Waiting Room他們目前與曼谷的舞台設計公司Duckunit合作,共同進行名為Waiting Room Live的現場演出這次合作探索了音樂和媒體之間的界限,探索了現場音樂經驗的各種表現形式以劇場的形式來展開音樂的可能性另外,他們的專輯製作得到了曼谷的藝廊,Bangkok City City Gallery 的支持


Waiting Room: